This is a blog featuring the useful information / tips / stuff that I pick up as I saunter down the road of writing a play and trying to get it produced, whether on stage or radio. The posts will be occasional, reserved for when I glean something particularly useful or interesting enough to share.

About me

I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend, colleague etc. When I’m not doing something related to any of these roles, which doesn’t leave much time, I’m vaguely trying to be a writer. I’ve written a full length manuscript for a children’s novel and a few short stories, but nothing that’s ever made it further than the confines of my PC.

However, having reached a stage in my life that some would describe as ‘middle aged’ (I prefer to think of myself as being in the twilight years of my youth), I’ve set myself a few goals. One of these goals is to write a play that actually gets seen or heard publicly. This blog, is a chronicle of that endeavour.

You can find me on Twitter and Google+ (but there’s not much to see on Google+ yet, as I’m still getting to grips with it).


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