What’s your killer line?

Ishakespeare‘m not a great writer. In 100 years time, school children will probably not be studying my prose. However, as much as I’m generally a modest, self-deprecating, lacking-in-confidence kind of person, I do have a passage of my own writing which I’m particularly happy with. It’s from a scene in a children’s adventure story I wrote where the main character is introducing himself:

“I’m a crime fighter, a wrong righter. I shake down crime and take out the grime. Where evil is hiding, I come in riding. Where the bad dudes are staying, I come in blazin’. If you’re no good brother, you better stay undercover, because I’m a Kung Fu fighter with more moves than Michael Jackson. I’m quicker than fast food and I’m known throughout the Universe as Chuttle, the number one Space Detective.”

OK, it’s not Shakespeare, but I like it. It just came to me in a moment of inspiration, I didn’t have to sit and ponder over it for hours and hours. Which made me think about how other writers develop their best lines.

Do you have a favourite bit of your own writing? The line, quote, paragraph that you’re most proud of. Something that makes you laugh every time you read it, the most romantic line you could ever imagine, or a phrase that leaves you feeling haunted?

I’d love it if you would share your favourite quote of your own writing for everyone to read in the comment box below and explain where it came from and how you made it happen.

P.S. In contrast to the ‘best’ writing, here’s an awards website dedicated to the worst, click here


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