I’ve been putting this first post off for a while. The reason being that as it’s the first post, I felt it should be special. But trying to come up with the right way to start has turned into another form of procrastination, which is the arch enemy of writing. So, I figure the best thing to do is just start.

I’ve been writing for years, but nothing that’s ever left the confines of my PC or notepad (the paper variety, not a small laptop). Until now. I’ve set myself a mission to:

  1. write a play and see it produced (either radio or theatre – I’m undecided)
  2. create a website (but given my limited technical know-how, I’ve settled for a blog-type thing)

I was actually going to produce a list of 50 things to achieve before I’m 50, but I have only managed to think of four so far, of which the above are two.

But I didn’t want to just write a blog of my ramblings, I don’t think my opinions are worthy of a platform.  So I’ve decided that this blog will chronicle the process that I go through in order to write a play and then try to have it produced either for radio or theatre. In chronicling the process, I hope there will be some useful information for anyone else out there who is working towards a similar goal. I know from writing a manuscript for a book and trying to get it published, that even though something might seem straightforward to the uninitiated, there’s usually a lot to learn and I’m sure that will prove to be the case as I progress along this particular road. So, if I can detail that information as I find it out, hopefully it will help someone else.

That’s it, I can now relax having got that first post out of the way.


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